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Policy Year: 2020-04-13


To obtain attestation of completion of course, academic transcripts, attestation of English Language Proficiency, attestation of studentship, etc, follow the following steps:
1. Pay for the document at the Bursary at the main campus at mile 7, Nkwen, Bamenda. Transcripts for each level of the HND Programme cost 2,000frs. Internal transcript for the degree programme cost 5,000frs. Attestation of Completion of Course as well as Attestation of English Language Proficiency cost 2,000frs.

2. Collect an application form from the Bursary, and fill,

3. Collect a Clearance form from the Bursary and let the competent authorities sign that you are not owing anything,

4. Submit the application plus clearance form to the Bursary or Dean of your School. Once this is done, the document/s will be established.

5. Applications for Attestation of completion of course, Studentship, and English Language Proficiency should be submitted to the Secretariat of the Registrar,

6. It will serve time and stress if you come alone with proof of payment of all tuition fees. If not it will take time for the bursary to go through the archives to verify if you paid all fees. This may take days, especially if you graduated several years back,

7. Make sure you apply for your documents well ahead of time of use. It takes minimum a week for academic documents to be established. Don't wait until you are asked to submit the document/s somewhere before you start rushing to school to collect the document/s in a haste,

8. Some schools and employers (especially foreign institutions) request that your documents be sent to them directly by NPUI in a sealed envelope. Be informed that because of fraud, forgery and other illicit acts noticed, NPUI will henceforth not seal such documents for the concerned to send. The documents will be sealed and sent directly by the NPUI at the cost of the person requesting it. NPUI doesn't have a budget for sending of mails (especially express mails). Contact the Registry for the sealing and mailing of your document/s,

9. Recommendation letters for admission in other institutions are issued by lecturers who taught you and can assess your ability and not administrators. Please make sure you contact the concerned lecturer before including his name as your recommender or referee on any form,
10. You are advised that as soon as you complete either HND or Degree programmes, collect your transcripts for the programme immediately. Don’t graduate, go away and stay for years before coming for the documents,

11. Certification or authentication of academic documents cost a thousand (1000) francs, payable to the Bursary on main campus at mile 7 Nkwen. Certification or authentication is done by either the Registrar or Director of Academic Affairs,
12. HND/HPD/DSEP/BTD Certificates from 2002 up to date are available in the Ministry of Higher Education in Yaounde for collection by the owners,
13. Former students whose documents are referred to the University of Buea (UB) by WES, and other credentials evaluation companies, Universities or employers are informed that UB charges a verification/confirmation fee for this service,
14. Academic documents can only be signed out or collected from NPUI by the owner. If someone else has to collect your documents for you, then you must give that person an authorization signed by a Commissioner of Police or a Bailiff, or Public Notary. Those who are abroad can send typed authorization letters to their relatives to notarize with a Public Notary before submitting in school for collection.


National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda attends to requests for verification of credentials from local and foreign institutions promptly. It takes 24 hours to a week for us to response to request for verification. To enable us attend to the request promptly:
1. The requesting organization is required to furnish us with scanned PDF copy(ies) of the document/s to be verified without which we will not proceed with the verification,
2. We do not have a budget head for sending of verification reports via express mail or post. If authentication or verification report is to be sent via any of the above means then the concerned should be informed to contact us to bear the sending cost, without which we will not be able to send the response. We do not charge a fee for verification of credentials for the time being,

3. There's no sending charge for verification reports to be sent via email,
4. Request for verification of credentials be addressed to the Registrar via email: info@npbedu.org or via the following postal address:
National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda,
Po box 1136 Bamenda,
North West Region, Cameroon

By this note, we engage to provide you with prompt and accurate response to your request. In the same light, you are requested to follow the guidelines above carefully to enable us to better serve you.

You may contact us via info@npbedu.org should you require further information.