NPUI Matriculation 2015 on Monday 2nd November 2015.

Matriculation and Orientation in National Polytechnic University Institute will take place on the main campus at Mule 7, Nkwen, on Monday 2nd October 2015.
Before the 2015/2016 school year began, a general staff meeting chaired by Rector Dr. Asongwe Emmanuel Taboh held in the presence of Management Board Representatives, Messrs Michael Yuh Ayeah and Jacques Yong.
Dr. Kum Sylvester was encouraged for his commitment in his duty as Students’ Affairs Officer in chargeof Discipline. Mr. Hamman Haruna Danasabe, Officer in charge of Missions, won the Best Staff Award.
Amongst newly appointed officials introduced were Mr. Wilson Sama Nukajam, Dean of the School of Medical and Bio-Medical Sciences; Mr. Buh Emmanuel Ndze, Dean of the School of Maritime Studies; Mr. Philip Bawe, Examinations Officer cumulatively with his functions as Dean of the School of Journalism and Media; Mrs. Ayeah Paula, Head of Records; and Mr. Ephraim Banda Ghogomu, Public Relations Officer and International Students.

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