NPUI Matriculation 2015

National Polytechnic University Institute matriculated some 1200 freshmen on Monday 2nd November 2015 for the 2015/2016 academic year. During the solemn ceremony in jammed full Amphi 1000, the Representative of the Management Board in charge of Infrastructure and Development, Mr. Ayeah Michael Yuh said the figure was as recorded on Friday 30th October 2015. In fact, even as the matriculation was going on, streams of new students were registering for admission.


Students taking Matriculation Oath

The event was masterly piloted by Director of Studies Aduh Francis Ngala in collaboration with Registrar John Suh Che. The Rector, Dr. Asongwe Emmanuel Taboh delivered the matriculation address, calling on the students to do their part in order to succeed, just as Rev. Fr. John Bintum had earlier led in a meditation on character and excellence before praying for peace and success in NPB through the 2015/2015 school year.

Whilst the staff were clad in academic robes, the freshmen were in their sparkling new white tee-shirts, except the State Registered Nurses recruited by the Ministry of Public Health who were adorned in their professional white.

NPB Matriculation Oath
I promise to observe the Internal Rules and Regulations of National Polytechnic Bamenda, and to pay respect and obedience to officials of National Polytechnic Bamenda, as well as safeguard and protect the property of the institution at all times. Through my behavior and my work I will spread the fame of National Polytechnic Bamenda, my alma mater, and will not harm its acknowledged dignity, whether during my days here or afterward, so help me Lord.

IMG_02112015_123233Student Union Exco


Students’ Union Exco Takes Oath

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Studen Choir

By E. Banda Ghogomu, PRO



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