Medical and Bio-Medical sciences

9Dean: Wilson Sama Nukajam.

Vice Dean: Wam Elvis Chongsi

Director of State Registered Nursing: Tekwe Thomas

The Dean of this school has as responsibility the duty to coordinate all the academic activities of the different departments placed under his school. The Dean also ensures that quality education is made available and ditched out to the students by the various departments so as to permit them meet up with the challenges and demands of the profession.


The school of Medical and Bio Medical Science has five departments namely; Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Department of Nursing, Department of Medical Diagnostics Imaging, Department of Physiotherapy and finally  Department of Dental Therapy.

This school trains quality health personnel’s with the aim of empowering them with professional, sound and moral skills needed to save life’s in the community where they are called upon to serve.

Another objective is for the graduate to help improve the well being of man through their humanitarian services as enshrine in the Nightingale oat.

Graduates are expected upon completion of their courses to serve in the public or private health institutions or setup theirs in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by the Ministry of Public Health.

Finally, graduates are expected to make meaningful research which can go long way to contribute in providing solutions to some health problems plaguing our respective communities.

The school offers Higher National Diploma (HND) from Cameroons Ministry of Public Health and Professional Bachelor’s of Technology Degree (B-Tech) from the University of Buea.

 Office of the Dean

Phone: (+237) 673 049 612



School Departments Diplomas and degrees
Medical and Bio medical Science Medical Laboratory Sciences HND and BSc
Nursing HND and BSc
Medical diagnostic Imaging HND and BSc
Physiotherapy HND and BSc
Dental therapy HND and BSc
Midwifery HND and BSc
State Registered Nursing HND and BSc