The Dean of the Maritime School Mr Ojongobi Antoine.

The Dean of this School ensures that courses offered are in conformity with the require syllabuses. As such, he coordinates all the academic affairs of the various departments while ensuring quality delivery of knowledge by the various lecturers.


                The school of maritime is divided into two department namely; department of shipping, administrative and family department of transport and logistic.

One of the main objectives of this school is to train processionals in the Maritime sector given the importance of this fast growing sector of sea transport and maritime activities. It should be noted that Cameroon being a member of the African states of the golf of guinea, explains why NPUI embarked on the putting in place of this school and its respective departments.

Similarly, Cameroon with her growing sea port activities as seen in the Douala sea port, kribi deep sea port soon at completion stage and Limbe deep sea port to be constructed soon explains why the maritime activities at the coast of Cameroon is an indication of the need of home based experts/professionals to handle this sector.

Another objective of this school is to produce qualified personnel’s who can handle the complex nature of shipping administrations, Sea transport and logistics. Before graduation, students would be required to undergo internship in any of the shipping companies within or out of Cameroon in other to acquire practical skills that can enable them cope in the job market when they leave school. The school given its young nature will offer only Higher National Diploma (HND) for the time being. Meanwhile those wishing to further their studies will be linked up to our partner Universities especially abroad.



School Department Diplomas and Degrees
Maritime Shipping Administration HND and BSc
Transport and Logistic HND and BSc

Office of the Dean

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