Journalism and Media

6The Dean of the school is PHILIP BAWE who is an experienced and veteran Journalist.

The Dean ensures that the different departments that make up the school are well co-ordinated with sound quality academic program being given to the students by the various lecturers.


 The school of Journalism and Media is divided into three Departments namely; Department of Print, Department of Audio-Visual Broadcasting and finally Department of Photo Journalism.

The aim of this school is to train students in, impacting in professional skills which permits them to sit and adapt to the growing demand of the profession in our society.

With the importance attached to communication in almost all enterprises, establishments, associations or organizations be they public or private, graduates from this school are therefore required to fully fit like square pegs in square holes in any of the above communication units.

Another aim of this school is to produce young journalist who will be able to meet up with the advanced technologies in the communication world, reviving and putting in place the ethics of the profession. The departments that make up the school offer both HND and degree programs respectively.

Office of the Dean

Phone: (+237) 677 956 352

School Department Diplomas and degrees
Journalism and Media Print HND and BSc
Audio-Visual Broadcasting HND and BSc
Photo Journalism HND and BSc