National Polytechnic Bamenda (NPUI) with its two campuses, outstanding results and with the thousands of students so far sent out to the world market can boost of modern lecture halls, workshops, hostels and modern school buses all in all, making life conducive for students..

Kala 17

Mile 3 campus Nkwen Bamenda at the entrance from the right has administrative block linked still to the right to lecture halls. At the entrance from the left, there is a magnificent long stretch of modern lecture halls made up of two stories.

Kala 14

Kala 16
At the center of the opened space of this mile 3 campus is an ultramodern structure hosting Master of Business Administration blog (MBA).

Kala 12

Immediately behind this modern structure are 121 modern student hostels. On how to obtain rooms at this student hostel, see NPUI student Rules and Regulation. relating to NPUI hostel.

Kala 11

At the main campus at Mile 7 Nkwen Bamenda, opposite the main entrance across the road is a one structure U-Shape building hosting the School of Engineering and Technology, School of Medical and Bio-Medical Sciences and School of Home Economics, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Kala 13

At the main entrance on the right hand corner, there is the student canteen. Just after the entrance on the right we have the main administrative block hosting the offices of the Proprietor, Rector, Registrar, Officer in charge of Mission, Officer in charge of Infrastructure and Development, Finance clerk, Accountants, Secretariats.

On the left hand corner, there is a new structure under construction to host extension of general classes and computer labs

Kala 21

At the center of the main camps from the main entrance are numerous lecture halls and offices of Dean of schools located in the long stretch of two and one storey buildings respectively.

Other new structure just opposite the Amphi 1000 is to host classes for the Medical and Bio-medical Science classes.

Kala 25

The mile 7 campus also host staff canteen, a large basket ball court and NPB students’ hostel. At five miles after the main campus (mile 7 Nkwen Bamenda) there is the extension of the practical site at mile 12 Bambui still part of  the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences. This mile 12 Bambui extension site plays host to a library under construction, and open space for planting, an enclosed environment harboring animals and birds for practical performances.