Government, Reignite and NPUI in Synergy for Bambui Farmers

An initiative by the UK-based Reignite Action for Development which aims to professionalize and revitalize agriculture in Bambui by developing the skills of the farmers, their level of productivity, and their ability to reach larger markets has gone underway in the demonstration farm of National Polytechnic University Institute.

The 2-year project funded by the UK Big Lottery Fund was formally launched on Tuesday 27th October 2015 by North West Governor’s Chief of Cabinet, Mr. Aboubakary Haman Tchiouto, in the presence of the visiting Director and Founder of Reignite, Dr. Mariana Matoso, the executing agency, NPB with Management Board Representative Nichael Yuh Ayeah and NPB administration, the beneficiary community of Bambui organized as Ngong Bambui Farmers of Tomorrow led by His Majesty Fon Angafor Mombooh III, and a host of other personalities.

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