Engineering and Technology

5The Dean of this school is Mr. Chi Eric Nche He ensures that all the academic programs laid down by NPB, the school and the respective departments are maintained. Given the importance and necessity for practical’s which play a significant role in this school, the Dean ensures that the various facilities and practical equipments made available by NPB to the school and the various departmental workshops are utilized in other to provide quality training  to the students.


The school of Engineering and Technology is divided into nine Departments namely; Department of Telecommunication, Department of Civil Engineering /Design, Department of Water System/ Resources, Department of Mechanical Fabrication, Department of Hard ware maintenance, Department of Software Engineering, Department of Urban Planning and Surveying and Department of Solar Energy System.

The objective of this school is to blend Engineering and Technology in other to meet up with the high demand for technology and innovations which is a necessary tool for the world’s globalization and development.

Another objective is to instill creativity in the minds of the students who will not only be highly needed by enterprises/ institutions dealing with Engineering and Technology but will also be able to set up their own enterprises or set up their own technological and Engineering discoveries. Such discoveries, creativity or contributions will certainly contributes to the advancement of Engineering and Technology in our respective societies.

It should be noted that students upon graduation are awarded Higher National Diploma (HND) from Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education and professional Bachelor of Technology Degree (B-Tech) known in French as Licence professionelle awarded by the University of Dschang.

However another challenging department is the Department of Solar Energy System which is a complete new technology being introduced in Cameroon, Hence students from this department will learn how to build, repair, and install solar panel systems which is an alternate source of energy.

 Office of the Dean

Phone: (+237) 677 319 037




Schools Departments Diplomas and Degrees
Energy and Technology Electrical power system HND and B-Tech
Telecommunications HND and B-Tech
Civil engineering HND and B-Tech
Water systems/ resources HND and B-Tech
Mechanical fabrication HND and B-Tech
Computer hardware maintenance HND and B-Tech
Computer software maintenance HND and B-Tech
Urban planning and surveying HND
Solar energy system HND