4The Dean of this school is ROLLY ONTANGS N’TANGRI who oversees its smooth running including all the academic departments attached under the school. As such the Dean ensures that the quality of the academic programmes in this school are fully respected and implemented for the benefit of both the higher institution NPUI and the student attending this school from their respective Departments.


The School of Education in National Polytechnic Bamenda is divided into three Departments namely; Department of didactics and curriculum development, Department of Education Planning and Administration and finally Department of Guidance and Counseling.

The School of Education has as objectives to train students who will in turn contribute positively to the development of the educational system in their respective committees or countries where they are called upon to serve. With the growing world’s population and high literacy rate growing over the years, there is the need for educational orientation, planning and development. This can only be attained through the training of educational professionals who can extend these educational skills to our community either through public, private or self created educational institutions.

Students from the school of education before graduation undergo internship programs which strengthens their practical and professional skills before  they move into the job market after graduation. Graduates from this school are awarded Higher National Diplomas(HND) by Cameroons Ministry of Higher Education and can further their studies in the same school (NPUI)to obtain a Professional Bachelor’s Degree (B-Tech) awarded by the University of Buea.

 Office of the Dean

Phone: (+237) 678 173 500



School Departments Diploma’s
Education Didactic and curriculum development. HND and BSc
Educational Planning and Administration HND and BSc
Guidance and Counseling. HND and BSc