Business, Finance and Management

3The Dean of the school is Madame KONGNSO NEE LEKEUFACK VALERIE FONKEM. She oversees the smooth functioning of this school ensuring that the academic programs are fully respected by the various heads of departments attached to his school.


The school of Business, Finance and managements is divided into five departments each headed by head of departments charged with the overall supervision of the various academic activities of their respective departments. These departments include the following; the Department of Accountancy, Department of Banking, Department of Management, Department of Marketing and finally Department of Insurance.

The school of Business, Finance and management has as objective to train and provide the students from the above mentioned departments professional skills that will enable them fit into the vast and demanding job market. Hence with the fast growing nature of various institutions be they public or private, there is also the need for these institution to acquire professionals who will help make these institutions meet up with their demands from the public. Besides, the academic programmes offered by the school serves as a foundation for the students to learn creativity, adaptability, and the spirit of job creation which can go a long way to help reduce unemployment.

Important to note is that for all institutions or organizations to function smoothly, they must have the various departments functioning.

However, the most challenging and recent Department which is even scares in Cameroons educational system is the Department of Insurance. With the growing number of insurance companies in Cameroon, there is the need for personnels in this domain to be made available given the huge cost that was previously needed to study this academic discipline out of Cameroon. Therefore NPUI can boost as one of the first Higher Institute of Learning in Cameroon to introduce this Department.

Students from this school of Business, Finance and Management before graduation undergo internship programs in other to acquire practical skills that facilitate their understanding when they get to the job market. Students from different department that make up this school can graduate with Higher National Diploma (HND) offered by Cameroon Ministry of Higher Education or with a Professional Bachelor of  Technology Degree (B-Tech) program known in French as licence professionelle ( excluding the department of Insurance) awarded by the University of Buea. As of now following the introduction of the Department of Insurance which is a young academic discipline in Cameroons Higher Education System. Graduates from this Department of Insurance are only at the Higher National Diploma (HND) level awarded by Cameroons Ministry of Higher Education.

School Departments Diploma’s and Degree’s
Business, Finance and management Accountancy HND and BSc
Banking and finance HND and BSc
Management HND and BSc
Marketing HND and BSc
Insurance HND and BSc
Executive Secretarial Studies HND and BSc