Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences

The Dean of this school is Kum Sylvester, PhD. He is a seasoned and experienced Agric expert. The Dean who is the head of this school oversees the effective running of this school and its respective departments. As such, he ensures that both the theory and practical part of studies in  this school and its respective departments are of quality to enable the students meet up with the challenges they will face after graduation.


The school of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences is divided into seven Departments namely; Department of Agricultural sciences, Department of Crop Production, Department of Animal Production, Department of Agric business Management, Department of Veterinary Sciences, Department of Nursing and finally Department of  Veterinary Laboratory Sciences.

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The objectives of this School is to train and empower students with professional skills required to improve on quality crop and animal production so as to meet up with the high demand in relation to the fast growing population.

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Another objective is to train students with the professional knowledge on how to fight tropical disease that affect crop and animal production.

Furthermore, students from this school are expected to be able to set up their own large scale animal and crop production sites using modern agricultural and scientific methods.

Students of this School of Agriculture and Veterinary sciences have a vast animal and crop production demonstration site at mile 12 Bambui where the students carry out their practicals.


However, the students before graduation also undergo internship programs out of the school milieu. All the departments offer Higher National Diploma (HND) programs awarded by  Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education and Professional Bachelor of Technology Degree programs from the University of Dschange

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School Departments Diplomas and degrees
Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences Agricultural Engineering HND and BSc
Crop Production HND and BSc
Animal Production HND and BSc
Agricultural Managements HND and BSc

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